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3 S's of Skincare

I'm turning 40 this year... At first I couldn't believe how fast time flew, and then I have to remind myself and appreciate the fact that I'm blessed to still be here.

I'm turning 40, yes, and am still getting asked to play High School Students, College Students, and young to mid 20's for tv shows and movies. Whenever people ask how old I am on set, they're always surprised to hear my age. The next question is: What's your secret?!

Whenever I share my secret, I think they're more surprised at how inexpensive it actually all is. We see countless ads allover our social media accounts, emails, and general scrolling and searching that we're led to believe that it must cost thousands of dollars to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. It doesn't! At least, for me... So let me fill you in on my inexpensive routine.

My 3 S's of Skincare are:

  1. Squalane Oil

  2. Sludging

  3. and Sunblock/Sunscreen

That's basically it. I've touched base on another post on my skincare routine... When I actually have the time and am not too tired from my day. However, those 3 above are my absolutes. Especially #3 - so much so that I've been on a hunt, but more on that on another day.

So let's break these 3 babies down, shall we?


What is it? If you've followed along for awhile, then you'll remember the happy post I wrote about it. If you're new, it's all good. It's right here. Basically, a TLDR version of it is that our bodies naturally create an un-hydrogenated version of this oil called SqualEne - a compound that our sebaceous glands naturally produce. Notice also how I emphasized the E instead of an A? That is because SqualAne is the hydrogenated version of Squalene. The hydrogenated process actually makes it more shelf life stable so we can use it for beauty and health products! Yay for science.

Anyhow: However, as we age, our bodies produce less and less of it. I bought this tiny bottle from Amazon for $8. It's a glass 4oz bottle with a dropper and lasts me for such a long time. It also came in a larger bottle, but it was plastic - so I opted for the glass one instead. I only use 5-10 drops for my face, neck, and chest. Remember: Whatever you do to your face - also do to your neck and chest. Hands, too, if you have extra product leftover on your hands.


This will always and forever sound weird to me. Sludging is for after your entire skincare routine and you apply a light and thin layer of oily jelly or oily sleep-mask. You may think it sounds weird or counter productive, but Vaseline does wonders. I use a Alba Organics Un-Petroleum Jelly as an alternative, and you only need a very very tiny amount. If you want to go on the higher end route: Glow Recipe's Avocado Sleep Mask. That also does the trick. This traps all the good stuff you've put on from your skincare routine IN YOUR SKIN to help it. If you're a bit weary, try on a small tiny spot on your face first.

**Remember to go very light under the eyes. Milia can happen if you go too thick and/or too often.

Sunscreen / Sunblock:

This one is a hands down must for me. I put sunscreen / sunblock on every single day. On my face, hands, arms, legs, even my body when I'm fully clothed.

News flash: UV rays can penetrate through clothing!

As the days get warmer due to climate change, and our sun's heat gets more and more intense - you'll thank me later for this. I constantly go through bottles and am currently using a mineral sunblock because it's better for you and for our oceans. More on this entire sunblock thing in another post. I'm actually a bit salty on this and have loads to say.

And that's basically my 3 S's of Skincare. If you at the most can only do those 3, your skin is going to thank you later. And if you can only do 1 - sunblock. Please. It doesn't need to be SPF 100. SPF 30 is fine, just as long as you wear it. Daily. And to reapply.

Thanks for listening, scratch that -reading- my thoughts regarding the 3 S's, and I hope to virtually see you in the next post. Take care, stay cool and hydrated, and don't forget that SPF!


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