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House Fix Episode 3: Laundry Faucet

So, remember when I did my House Fix Tour and the part where I was showing the Laundry Room and I didn't know that the faucet needed a fixing? Well, I finally got around to show the video to that. It's below if you'd like to just get right on to it.

First off, this thing took a couple days for me to do. What I thought would be less than an hour to do, ended up taking 2 days. Why? I had no idea how difficult it'd be to get behind a basin. I mean, I can fit myself in through a kitty door for goodness sake, so you'd think being able to get behind a basin would be easy peasy lemon squeezy. No, more like stressed, depressed, lemon zest.

I didn't know that I'd need every single type of wrench possible:

Also, towels. Lots of towels. And patience. As much as I tried, it just wouldn't work. So I stopped, went home, and thought about what I was doing and decided to go from another angle and it worked!!! Sometimes just stopping what you're doing to reassess what you're doing wrong and figuring out another solution is all you need. Step away, take a breather, and come back at it again. And you know what? It worked. It wasn't working one way, so I figured going at it at another way, and it worked perfectly.

Anyhow, lesson of the story is: Don't give up because it didn't work. Think of a way to solve it. There's several ways to solve a problem. As long as it's solved, who cares how the process was done or how long it took... you did it.

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