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Platform Day Bed with Semi-Exact Steel Legs

I really wanted to update the guest room's bed frame. The previous bed frame was old and tattered and the cats liked to scratch the headboard as a scratching post. Not Cool. Anyhow, after looking online trying to find something, I decided that I wanted to create a Day Bed... A QUEEN size Day Bed, as the current mattress in that room is a Queen and still in great condition and I'd rather not pay for a new mattress when this one is still practically brand new. I originally was going to do a Murphy bed, however, after researching, I found out that all of the hardware I could find would not work on my mattress. Why? When I bought that lovely mattress sooo many years ago, it was an "extra deep" mattress. The depth of the mattress is 16". For reference, most mattresses are 12" - which is also, funnily enough, the max depth a Murphy bed hardware will use. So nix that idea.

womp womp

So back to sleuthing the interwebs on trying to find another option. I came across Benjamin Uyeda's Semi Exact bed a while ago. I've always loved it, and have kept a mental note on possibly making it... one day... some day... when I'm older. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have that bed, but reconfigured to be a day bed. After figuring out the dimensions of the wood and also how much wood I needed to buy, I went out and got all the items needed.

However, first things first: I needed to clean out the room. The current room was a nightmare. I've been using the room as a catch-all room to hold anything that didn't make sense, extra stuff, when I'm in a panic cleaning mode and toss everything there, you know... THAT Room.

As I was cleaning everything out, I was a bit worried and started overthinking. Overthinking to the point that I thought I couldn't do this at all... I hate my brain sometimes. Luckily for me, my friend, Erik Curtis, was coming by to hang out and I asked him if he could come and help me build... and like a good friend, Erik is there. (did you sing that as the State Farm jingle? If so, we are best friends now)

The full extent of the tutorial is in the video listed below. And if you'd like the dimensions for THIS particular bed build, check out the dimensions below.

Sorry it's not in a fancy 3D sketch because I don't know how to do that... yet. Some day, one day, when I'm older I'll learn :)


  • 3-4 Sheets of 3/4" plywood. I used Finished Plywood because they messed up on my order and gave me the more expensive one at the lower price (SCOOOOREEE)

  • 2 2x6 Cedar boards

  • Circular Saw / Track Saw / Table Saw - As long as you can cut long sheets of Plywood (or you can have your Home Depot cut you the pieces - except it will cost you per cut and their blades aren't that sharp and there will be a lot of tear through... FYI)

  • Miter Saw (or you can use your above saws!)

  • Chalk Guide (optional but SO HELPFUL)

  • Clamps - Corner clamps ARE SUPER HELPFUL

  • Orbital Sander

  • 220 grit sand paper

  • Pocket hole Jig

  • Pocket. hole Screws

  • 2" Screws

  • 2 1/4" Screws

  • 3/4" Screws

  • Router (optional)

  • Planer (optional)

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