Since the mandated quarantine 2 years ago (seriously - 2 years? that's how long we've been in this???), I've been doing a lot more self-care beauty care days. Your skin is your largest organ and how you take care of it will reflect in all the coming years of aging. The image below are the items I'm currently using. This also isn't a set in stone type of brands. I change it all the time so I can try new items and see how well my skin works for that item. If you'd like me to review every item for you - comment below and let me know!

I used to not really do much with my skin - I still kind of don't. I usually just wash my face and add a bit of face oil, a sunblock, and voila: done. Now, I still do that, I just add a few more ingredients as well:

AM Routine:
  • Step 1: Rinse Face and Pat dry with towel.

  • Step 2: Squalane Oil

  • Step 3: Brush teeth while that absorbs.

  • Step 4: Eye Cream

  • Step 5: Sunscreen

  • Step 6: Makeup - if I want.

PM Routine:
  • Step 1: Wash Face. Every other day with an Exfoliant / Scrub Cleanser

  • Step 2: Retinol Serum on Face and Neck

  • Step 3: Retinol Eye Cream under eyes, any forehead wrinkles, smile lines and Neck Wrinkles

  • Step 4: Moisturizer on Face and Neck

  • Step 5: Brush Teeth while that absorbs

  • Step 6: Squalane Oil on Face and Neck and a little on Chest

  • Step 7: Unpetroleum Jelly allover my face and neck and hands. Just a light coat.

You might end up looking like a greased turkey before bed, but you're trapping all that moisture into your face and neck and chest. It's called Sludging and seriously: GAME CHANGER.

Also, when I get out of the shower, I towel off, moisturize immediately allover my body with my lotion, and then seal my body off with a body oil to trap that moisture. You want all of these humectants and moisture to stay on your body and not evaporate off. Again, your skin is your largest organ - so TAKE CARE OF IT!!!

OK, I know what you're thinking: This seems a bit excessive for a daily routine, and yes, you're absolutely right - it does seem excessive. It's also not my "daily" routine. I'll try and do as much as I can - when I can - if I can (remember).. but its definitely not a daily routine. Heck - sometimes I'm so exhausted after a long day, I pass out immediately into my bed, makeup and all.

However, if you've got a photoshoot, or an event that you want to make sure your skin is fresh and clean and utterly rejuvenated; I'd do this for a few days before while drinking a lot of water. Also, possibly maybe add some Liquid IV with it as well. Best hydrator flavors in my opinion.

OK, that's about it on that subject. If you do any of the above and want to gush about certain types of brands, techniques, process, etc - COMMENT BELOW! I'd love to chitchat more.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Talk soon.


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