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2023 and me

What have I been up to lately and why did it take me 3 months to post again.

Oh jeebus, again, it's been awhile since I've been on here. I kind of went through a bump in my life where again I felt depressed, anxious, panicked... It took a lot of self care for me to get right back on track mentally - and that self care was honestly just doing everything I wanted to do at that very given moment: hanging out with loved ones, playing with the kitten, snuggling with my dog, avoiding the bathroom remodel, and tidying and organizing the house. Plus the occasional read and netflix.

Touching on those subjects, I probably should go over each subject as it's own blog post, a blurb, if you will.

But I'll just summarize each topic here. So strap on in, it's gonna be a bumpy one.

Tidying the house:

When I went on my trip to Tahiti (oh buddy, here's another topic I need to talk about), I cancelled my housecleaning, and then when I got back she never replied back. I have no idea what happened and my anxious brain goes straight to: OMG. SHE HATES ME.

Anyhow, now that I'm not paying someone to clean my house, I've tried to keep it up myself which is proving to be OK... so long as I keep my schedule and tidy as I go. I try to aim for 30-45min. a day, sometimes more if I skip a day. So far, its going fine, but I think I would still love someone to come and do a full deep clean. Most likely after I finish my bathroom remodel. Which is another topic I need to catch you all up on.

I swear I will get to all these topics.

Playing With The Kitten

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd have known that I found a kitten on the side of the road. It had a fractured femur and I kept it to heal and reached out to rescues for help. Found one, but again, they stopped reaching out to me, too. My people pleasing / overly anxious / abandonment issues brain is really in high gear right now and I'm quite proud of myself that I haven't broken down. Anyhow, the kitten is unbelievably adorable and such a menace - like a sour patch kid. Anyhow, I'll go more into this topic on a full blown blog post of what happened with pictures because he's so stinking cute.

Snuggling with Bowie

Bowie, my geriatric dog who's 16yo as of February 2023. He's losing his vision, sense of smell, and hearing, but he's still walking around fine and his appetite is better now that he doesn't have any teeth pain. Cuddling with that chicken nugget gives me so much joy because I can't imagine life without him right now and hope to have several more years left with him.

Avoiding The Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom. I had water damage, mold issues, and now a destroyed bathroom in the middle of a remodel which is being done solo... ie: ME SOLO. Drywall is difficult, plumbing is all rusted, and there's dust EVERYWHERE. So I've been avoiding that build...


Anyhow, even though I've been avoiding life in general, I'm still applying my main focus of life: Earn . Yearn . Learn . I spent a majority of my time working to Earn and doing things I Yearn. Now, it's time to get back on the saddle and avoid the hard parts of life and start doing the Learn. I'm back and ready to work on the bathroom, and actually am pretty excited. Stay along to watch as I learn on the go :) Happy 2023 everyone, may it be wonderful.

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