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Hi, I'm Christy... Nice to meet you :)


I am a 40yo woman living her best life in the 95% sunny Southern California (Los Angeles to be exact) who is just living life day by day and learning as much as I can, while I still can. 


 CEO / FOUNDER just seems so weird because

I am the CEO of this site, but also, I don't feel like it

because I'm currently wearing sweatpants and am

usually covered in some type of drywall or saw dust.  That doesn't seem like the CEO type... but hey, that's who I am.  


This site is here to just help me organize thoughts, spout nonsense to myself and,

hopefully, to others who want to partake in my awkward talks to me-self...

This site is just an online journal, a compilation if you will, of the projects I've done,

helpful tips I've come across, food recipes I've enjoyed, and products I stand by or

am just reviewing because why not.  If you're looking for concise - this isn't the place.

If you're here because your brain can't function as a one trick pony and you need 

sporadic crap thrown at you - HI!!!!! 

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