About Me :

I'm a late 30's year old female living in the lovely and 95% of the time sunny Los Angeles, California.

I am woman, hear me roar. . . . with anger if you don't feed me in time. 

I'm a filipina, born in Manila, raised in California.

I love long naps, food, cuddles, rainy sounds, Target, Marvel, Star Wars, caffeine, cookies. and cats.  I don't have auto-correct on here and it took me 3 tries to spell caffeine correctly.  "I before E except after C, and also apparently after 2 F's". 

A girlfriend of mine commented that I should start a blog with the inane banter I have with myself, friends, and weird situations I get myself into.  So, enjoy.  If you don't enjoy, sorry I wasted 15 minutes of your time.  Go back to Netflix-ing. Or Hulu.  Whatever your choice is.  Watch Chernobyl, it's really good.  Game of Thrones is also a must if you want to be friends with me.