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Foster Kittens

One day, as I was scrolling through my emails I saw one email from Nextdoor that piqued my interest. I opened the app and saw the post: Found Abandoned Kittens. I read through the thread and saw 2 ladies who were trying to find ways to help these kittens. They mentioned taking them to a no-kill shelter*. I knew, from what the lady posted, that these little babies stood no chance at that shelter. I immediately replied saying that I can foster these babies. They thanked me, but said they had it handled. Sure enough, a few hours later, they came to me for help because the shelter would not take these babies in because of their age.

Please note, for future reference if you're going to try and take kittens to the shelter: THEY WILL NOT TAKE THEM. THEY WILL EUTHANIZE THEM. Kittens and puppies at such a young age require way too much work for shelter volunteers and workers. They need to be fed every few hours - sometimes bottle fed, and they just do not have enough staffed people to do this work. It's best to find a foster that can give them the time and energy they require until they reach an adoptable age and are a bit more self-sufficient before they can be left at a shelter for adoption.

The lady dropped the 2 little ones off and, let me tell you, I'm in love. They're so playful, and affectionate, and FIERCELY LOUD when hungry - basically me. I will give you a 5min warning - and from that, you will need to put food in me before I go Hangro (new term: Agro + Hangry).

Anyhow, they were 3 weeks when the lady dropped them off and now they're just about 5wks and completely adorable. Check out the video below and you'll see just how adorably cute they are!

They will be available for adoption starting the 3rd week of June 2019. They have no names right now, so they're dubbed: Mustachio and The Stripey One.

*no kill shelters: Please note that there is no such thing as a no-kill shelter. No Kill basically means that they don't euthanize 90% of the animals that come in. They will do what they can to try and get them adopted or out to fosters and rescues... but there is still that 10% that unfortunately do not rescued / adopted / fostered. Please, spay/neuter your pets, adopt from the shelter, and help rescue these babes from being "destroyed". There are so many lovely animals that are in need of a loving home.

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