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Earth Angel, Earth Angel

El Nido Beach

In honor of Earth Day 2019 approaching, I wanted to start posting different items I use to get more people aware of little things they can do to make a difference on this planet. It doesn't even need to be a HUGE difference but I've named 11 things you can do to start making a difference. You can do them all, or just pick one! It's a start and just know you're creating a HUGE difference with that tiny little step : -

  1. Stop leaving the water on while you brush your teeth. This should just be a given. Not only will you be saving clean water from just going down the drain, you're saving yourself money by not wasting so much water on your bill. If you don't think you're using a lot of water when doing that, do me a favor: Plug your sink while you brush your teeth and leave the water running as you brush. When you're done and shut off the water, look at how much has filled your basin. Now, imagine that much water times 730x (assuming you brush your teeth at least 2x a day). That's a lot of water.

  2. Switch your most used lights to LED lights. This can be a bit expensive sometimes, but there are some less expensive options you can pick through from Amazon - like this LED 4 pack!

  3. Bring a reusable bag - especially one that can be tightly folded up into a small pouch to keep in your purse. Or keep a couple in your car!

  4. Get a reusable straw. I purchased this one where it comes in a case.

  5. Reusable Sandwich Bags. I have both the Stasher kind and these fun little Dinosaur ones.

  6. Menstrual Cups. Ok, so this may be a bit squeamish for some. You need to be completely OK with all your bodily fluids for this one. If you're not, that's ok. I was weirded out by it at first. Now, I'm completely cool with it. Also, I've realized that my cramps are far less painful than using traditional methods. I could not use tampons without getting a headache soon after - with the menstrual cup, I don't get them at all.

  7. Next item you purchase, check the label of ingredients and try and purchase the one without palm oil as an ingredient. You might not think this is a big deal, but we're killing so many Orangutans due to Palm Oil consumption. Those little guys are so freaking adorable, why would you want to harm them?!

  8. Bamboo Toilet Paper. Or Bidet. Or Both - like me.

  9. If you've got pets, how about getting yourself biodegradable poop bags! Now, you can either purchase these Biodegradable Bags, or, if you're at the dog park, they have them - just take a bunch! Or you could get a pooper scooper. Not going to lie, I've just stuck it under his butt while he poops so I don't even need to scoop it. Don't judge. Haha!

  10. Reusable Water Bottle. I mean, duh. I've got so many at my place. Pick your fancy: The Coldest Water Sports Bottle Life Straw Water Filter Bottle - This comes with it's own filtration device which would be perfect for on the go to refill, hiking, or camping! Hydroflask Stanley Thermos

  11. Use Recycled Plastic Trash Bags!!! I've currently been using these and really like them. They're not flimsy like most recycled plastic trash bags.

**Please note that the links above are amazon affiliated links where if you purchase from these links I earn a small commission to help feed my 5 pets. Thank you from Bowie, Talia, Isey, Mustachio and Stripey - and they eat A LOT**

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