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Eye Got Lasik'd.

So, end of the year was coming up and I had saved money away in the good ol HSA, and then forgot about it.... and like how Steve Carell said in The 40 Year Old Virgin, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” I had to use it. But what am I going to spend $2700 on? Condoms and thermometers?! No. That would be way too many condoms. And I already have a thermometer.

I decided to go do Lasik. There's a whole video here, if you want to bypass all the reading - I get it. Reading can be boring, unless you're reading my stuff, which is highly entertaining. Are you not entertained?!

Anyways, click the picture to watch the video. The video is even more fun stuff you can read about that I completely forgot to mention... or if you just want to read and not watch my eyeballs actually get a flap cut open and lasered. I get it, its gross.

  • First thing that you should do is research. I researched a couple places near me - I live in LA, so there are a TON of places to go to. I, however, went with LA SIGHT. I'm a Yelper, and they were highly yelped. I called them for a consultation and it was so easy, I got everything done within a week. Yep, a week. I may be late to everything else because of Filipino time, but I got this done so fast.

  • Second: Consultation. The consultation should be free. At least, mine was? So if they're going to charge you - maybe you should head somewhere else? Anyhow, a consultation is basically like any normal eye exam. They check the entirety of your eye to see what they can do to help. Once they do that, they'll go over all the different options available.

  • Third: Options, which, coincidentally are 3 options. 3 is such a magic number. - PRK: Photo Refractive Keratectomy. This is when the top layer of your Corneal Surface (Epithelium) is removed and then reshaped with " the laser. Then your body will heal naturally to replace that cut out top layer. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. - SMILE: SMall Incision Lenticular Extraction. This is when a small incision is made via a laser and then a laser reshapes your lens. No flap is made, and there is minimal after-care dryness involved. It is more costly, and this process is not widely used yet (as of 2019). - LASIK: Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. When a flap is created on your eye, lifted up, and then the laser reshapes your lens to correct your vision. Then the flap is carefully placed back down and your eye heals itself. The next day, you're good to use your eyes like normal. In a month that flap is COMPLETELY HEALED - I asked during my follow up because I was scared to even just touch my eye.

  • Fourth: Surgery. It only takes roughly an hour for the entire process. 45 minutes of that is waiting. The rest is the actual surgery.

  • Fifth: Rest! Rest that day. Don't read, or watch TV or be on a computer. Just rest. Let your eyes rest as they heal.

  • Sixth: Follow-up. Lots of it - well, for me. I had severe dryness.

  • Seventh: After Care. There's follow ups for after care, and lots of eye drops involved. Ben Stein would be proud. Eye-drops: Bausch + Lomb Soothe Refresh Optive Ocusoft Retain Ocusoft Retain Oil Drops

**Please note that the links above are amazon affiliated links where if you purchase from these links I earn a small commission to help feed my 5 pets. Thank you from Bowie, Talia, Isey, Mustachio and Stripey - and they eat A LOT**

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