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Sleep, my pretty

I have been having some weird sleeping habits. I can only usually sleep maybe 2-3 hrs, then wake up for a couple, only to go back to bed, and then wake up again, go back to bed, wake up again. All in all, my hopefuls of a restful night of sleep is surely lacking...

It took a long while for me to figure out a good solution. I tried so many ways to help me get a better nights rest, but there was always something missing to this little puzzle of mine. After finally analyzing my days and nights I figured out a pretty good solution. But before that, I also stumbled upon this little guy that's really helped get me to that nice little slumber: Scentuals.

I tried it once, and got maybe a good solid 5hrs of sleep. Thought it was a fluke, did it again, and got another solid 5hrs. Then I did it again, this time after a hot shower, hair still wet, and went a bit more generously on the application. Laid my head down, took in a deep breath of that wondrous scent, and woke up to my dog jumping off the bed and the sun blazing down on my face. I was extremely confused and just kind of sat there in bed trying to figure out reality then realized I slept a solid 7hrs. I don't know if it's placebo or not, but I'm SO EXCITED to have found this in my life.

So if you're having some issues sleeping, maybe give this a go?

Things I've tried that somewhat helped with a few consecutive hours of sleep:

  1. Writing down my "To-Do's" for the following day and crossing the ones I finished.

  2. Reading a book (maybe try reading a textbook, that'll get you off to slumberland, haha)

  3. Meditation

  4. Hot Herbal Tea

  5. Making sure the fan is on me because I'm a hot sleeper

  6. Ensuring that every day is productive enough for me. This is one that really does actually help (for me). I've realized if I don't do anything that offers some type of value, then I think my brain overthinks and I can't fall asleep, however more on "Productivity Dysmorphia" in on another post ...

  7. Have you tried the Homegoods COOP Pillow? It's a lifechanger for my neck!

If the above still doesn't help, give Scentuals a go, and see if that will help! Tried it? Let me know down below! Haven't but have some other tricks that get you to sleep some restful sleep? Comment below! Would love to hear :)

**Please note that the links above are amazon affiliated links where if you purchase from these links I earn a small commission to help feed my 5 pets. Thank you from Bowie, Talia, Isey, Mustachio and Stripey - and they eat A LOT**

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