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Bye-Bye, Grime

I was doing some laundry one day, and went to clean out some fur that got trapped in the silicone ring and saw how insanely GROSS it was in there. I have 3 pets, and they all shed like massive beasts (even though they're all less than 14lbs each) so there was a LOT of fur trapped in there.

Apparently, you're supposed to clean your washing machine 1x a month. But honestly, WHO THE F DOES THAT? My "cleaning the washing machine" is usually wiping the inside down if it looks a little dirty. There's a whole cycle and products you should be adding in there that you could google search on how to do that, but, I'm not here to show you THAT cleaning, I'm here to show you how to clean that silicone ring that's on your front load washing machine. It's filled with black grime and wet lint and hair and fur and other gross unmentionables. To watch how I did this, you can view my video on how I cleaned that grime off.

**Just the Tip** : leave your washer door ajar to let it air dry and not trap all that moisture inside so you don't have to work with a really nasty foundation.

Materials Needed:

A Bucket



A Scrubbing Brush

An Old Toothbrush

Old Rags


  1. First check if you can actually remove the entire silicone ring. If you can, GREAT! That makes it unbelievably easier. If you can't, like mine, then you'll have to fake the funk. If you can remove the ring, flip it inside out, and dunk it inside your bleach water mixture (making sure it's completely covered) and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Once done, scrub away with your scrubbing brush and toothbrush (for the smaller areas) and you should be good. If you CAN'T remove it, like mine... then follow the steps below.

  2. Remove any lint / hair / fur / etc from the entrapment.

  3. Grab your scrubbing brush and/or toothbrush (for the hard to reach areas), dip it in the mixture and scrub away the grime.

  4. If your grime is completely stuck on there, soak your rags in the bleach water mixture. Once it's fully saturated, squeeze out the extra water (but do not ring out), and gently lay them on the hard to scrub areas. Let it sit for 20-30 min. Then scrub the area after it's been soaked and it should come off much more easily. If not, repeat this, and see if it will come off. If it's really being stubborn, soak and leave on with a higher bleach ration and that should get that stubborn stain off. Or be like me and just get off the most you can and be done with it.

  5. Once you're done, go ahead and toss in your dirty bleach rags and any other dirty rags you might have you don't mind getting bleach on, and run your washer in the hot setting (I put it on Quickwash on HOT).

  6. DONE.

Check out the video below and let me know in the comments if it worked out for you!

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