DIY: Battery Shelf

Updated: Mar 4

I got my 8x8 shed up and running... but didn't realize how many tools I actually have. I've run out of floor space for shelves, so I needed another solution: wall space. When you're out of floor, you've got to utilize working up.

I wanted a special area to house just my batteries and chargers. Throwing it in a bag on the floor was just not working for me, so I decided to build it's own little spot in the shed. GAMECHANGER!

Having the batteries visible, the chargers visible, and pointed towards me where I can click the button to see how much charge is left... it's changed the game! Haha!

I had leftover materials from when I built the walls, so I used the leftover 1/2" ply to create a battery shelf. I ideally wanted it to be 3/4" - 1" thick but all I had was 1/2" ply so I cut them to size and glued it together. I didn't have a plan, all I knew was I needed the shelf, and I wanted 4 tools to hang off of it. What I did involved barely any math - because I laid everything out and used masking tape to "draw" it out and then measured everything down. Can you tell I'm not a math person?

Anyhow, full video build on the channel, you can check it out below if you'd like!

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