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H2-Oh yeah!

My Brita water filter broke. Ok, not completely broke; the filter itself is fine but the container had the tiniest crack inside of it and now, since I would leave it out on my counter, starts to get algae growing inside. Gross. Since I’m cheap, I decided to just keep the filter portion and filter it into a huge water dispenser that I have.

Yes, lame, I know, but I have so many filters I didn’t want them to go to waste! Well, my cheap solution was just not helpful and I couldn’t take it anymore so I buckled down and bought myself an ’under-the-sink’ water filtration system to install and have a designated faucet to replace the in sink soap dispenser.


When people used to talk about water - I never understood. Oh boy, let me tell you: I now fully understand. COMPLETELY understand. There is such a thing as "Tasty" water. I always thought Water is just Water. Oooh boy, would Martin Riese slap me silly. If you don't know who Martin Riese is, he's a Water Sommelier and Water Advocate. He talks a lot about Natural Spring Water vs Purified [Tap] Water and Alkaline Water.

OK back to my Filtration System. I bought the APEC Reverse Osmosis Water system and it makes the most tastiest water. I was considering just getting a water delivery system for the house - but those things are bulky and I wanted to keep it more minimal in the house.

The box is huge. The below is the exact system I got. It's the APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System . It comes with a 3-gallon pressurized tank, the 5 filters, the tubing and hardware, + a faucet. The only items you'll need are a drill/bit, possibly some caulk - which is not necessary.

When you pull everything out, it seems a bit daunting as there are a lot of components that come with it. Honestly the only real scary portion was drilling into my plumbing. That was a bit nerve wrecking. But I got it all done in an evening. By myself.

I do, however, have to admit, that I already had a hole for the faucet to come out of. I had an old soap dispenser that was on my counter already. It was dumb and rendered useless after a year at being at my house. Without wanting a straight hole in my counter, I just left it. If you want a hole in your counter for the faucet, you'll need a hole saw to drill into your counter. In the instructions it tells you how.

Anyhows, I made a little tiktok video if you'd like to see how easy it was to do!

It was surprisingly so much more easier than I had imagined - despite the "Carpet Bag" of items that kept coming out of that box.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns. I'd be happy to answer any and all you may have.

OH, one more thing. The FIRST time you try the water - you'll see a TON of bubbles. THAT IS NORMAL. That is a pressurized tank, so it's completely normal. After letting it run, the bubbles disappear and it's fine. If you're concerned, you can always use that water to water your plants. Which, by the way, is FAR BETTER than regular tap water. Also... if you're making ice with this water, its CLEAR. CLEAR.. Not that white ice you see from your machine. It's crazy. OK, that's all. Hope you all have a great time installing and happy tasty water!

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