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I believe I posted this on my instastories a while ago, but I am so impressed with regrowing herbs and greenery from a cutting. A cutting you ask? I mean, as in a cut plant.

Let me break it down...

I bought some green onions from the store months ago. Did you know that when you cut the green portion off, you can submerge the white portion with the roots into a jar or glass of water, and it will stay alive? And I mean, stay alive for a good long time. Seriously. Just change out the water every other day (dump it out completely, rinse the glass, and put fresh clean water in your glass), and clean off any dried out stalks, and it should last you for a while. I also tend to cut them down, chop up in bits, flash freeze them (freeze on a platter for a few minutes) then put them in a jar so that they don't stick and then you'll have green onions all year long. After the roots start really growing, you can plant them. This one .49 green onions I bought at my local grocery store has lasted me 2 months.... and counting. I've just now placed them in my planter and it's still growing and I keep on snipping!

Another one that's easy to regrow: Fresh Rosemary!! I love me a rosemary stalk on my steaks and meat as they cook in my cast iron, and I didn't know you could regrow Rosemary! How? I'll show you:

  1. Remove about 2" of rosemary leaves from the bottom.

  2. Shave off (you can use a peeler or a small pairing knife) to take off some of the hardy / bark wood from the stem so that you see the green inside.

  3. Stick in a small glass of water. Make sure none of the leaves are submerged in the water, only the stems.

  4. Change out the water every few days or every other day....

You'll notice that roots will start to grow! When the roots are big enough you can replant and have fresh Rosemary year round! That last photo is after 2 weeks of doing this. Look at all the roots! It makes my little heart happy. Now time to plant this little dude into my planter :)

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