Hong Kong Phooey: Day 3 - I Like Big Buddha's & I Cannot Lie

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Our 3rd day in Hong Kong, and today we decided to take that long trek to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha - hence, the title.... and image.

We decided to eat at this little restaurant next to our hotel. They didn't have an English Menu really, nor did they really speak any English - we weren't really in a touristy area, so we ordered based of pictures. It wasn't bad. I wished we went to the bakery instead... But I digress.

After we ate, we walked back to our hotel and called for an Uber. The guy came and took us to the island, and was super nice and informative, while also giving us advice on where to go and what to do. We liked him so much, we asked him to join us on our day the whole day. We were serious, he took it jokingly. Alas, he dropped us off, and told us where to go.

We wanted to take the gondola to go all the way up to the top of the mountain, but they were doing some type of maintenance. As I looked up at it, I realized I probably would have cried the entire time in the gondola as I'm deathly afraid of falling. Not really heights - I can be up high (planes, roller coasters, etc) but it's the thought of plummeting to my death that really gets me. I don't even want to get into the story of me crying walking up 3 stories at Raging Waters to slide down a water slide.

Anyhow, we took a bus up to the top of the mountain. They dropped us off, and at the beginning of the walkway to the Big Buddha they have all the Chinese Zodiac animals as General's guarding the pathway. We took a couple pics next to ours.

The Big Buddha, is pretty dang big. Really beautiful though. You've got to pay a small fee to go up to it, and there's another fee if you want to eat inside the restaurant up there as well. Please note that this is a temple, so it's all vegetarian food. If you're a carnivore, you're best bet is to wait until you get back down the mountain and find food elsewhere, or bring your own to eat at the picnic tables.

We climbed up, took a bunch of photos, and I was super disgusted at how some of the tourists would throw their trash around the base of the Buddha. Like seriously, throw your shit in the trash bin. It's RIGHT THERE.

We climbed back down and ate at one of the vegetarian stalls down at the bottom of the temple and walked around. There's a bunch of Incense pits so you can do your blessings and prayers. I prayed to Buddha / The Universe. It was nice.

There's a side trail you can take to see the Path of Stele Wisdom. Just a small little trail through the grounds and then you end up at these Wooden and Stone Steles with Chinese Characters carved into it. It was really pretty. Geoff and Ricky took a bunch of photos and were trying to see who could take a better photo and post on instagram before the other (I'm totally giving that side eye emoji face as I type this).

When we finished our trip, we headed back down to the entry and saw a little town.

Mango Sorbet in the Village Outside of Tian Tan Buddha Temple in Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Mango Sorbet in the Village Outside of Tian Tan Buddha Templef Buddha

Ricky was starving for some meat, so him and Geoff went to grab food, and I went to grab a mango gelato at another shop. We just walked around the little area

then headed back to our bus. When we got back, Ricky called for an Uber this time around since Geoff got our Uber on the way there. We climbed in our Uber car, and realized the guy that dropped us off was also the guy that picked us up! Ha! So weird, but he was glad we got to see him again. As we were crossing the bridge, he told us that the bridge that they're currently making was a new one to go to Macau, and told us to come back soon!

When we got back home, we relaxed for a bit before heading out to our new destination: 3 Star Michelin Rated Restaurant T'ang Court. I remember taking photos... but I can't find them. So just know it was super fancy.

It was a set tasting menu and it wasn't actually too expensive for being 3 stars. Maybe $150/person for 6 plates. Please note that if you're not into traditional Chinese food, you won't like this place, meaning that if you go to a Chinese restaurant and want to order Orange Chicken - this place ain't for you. I mean we had some funky stuff: Bird's nest, Jellyfish, etc. Don't come here if you're expecting General Tso's Chicken.

After dinner, we sat in the Langham Hotel Lobby (where the restaurant was located) and listened to some guy play the piano and drank some drinks (mine was a ginger beer sans alcohol) and ate their free peanuts. It was a nice relaxing evening to enjoy before we all had to leave the following morning - Geoff back to LA, and Ricky and myself to Beijing.

That was that. Hoped you enjoy our Hong Kong Travels. On to the next leg of our trip: Ni Hao Kai Lan - Part 2 / Beijing Day 1.

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