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Hong Kong Phooey: Part 1 - Day 1.

The 2nd leg of our trip, we flew over to Hong Kong. Just for a long weekend. Our friend, Geoff, also flew over to Hong Kong (from LA) to meet up with us. Yeah, I never in a million years would have thought I'd ever have a friend who would fly across the world to hang out with you for a couple days in another country. Seriously. That's a trip (oooh, literally) for me. I feel like I'm sorta baller status, without any of the money....or status.

Anyhow, Hong Kong was a lot of fun. We did the normal touristy stuff: Victoria's Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, Eating, Big Buddha, etc. Everywhere we went, we had some great food and saw some ubelievable sights...with indescribable feelings. (Sing it loud, sing it proud).

We landed at night, and by the time we landed, got our hotel, met up with Geoff, we were starving... But what's the FIRST THING those two boys wanted to eat?

Din Tai Fung. So we ate an assortment of the finest Taiwanese Food in Hong Kong. Food that we can get in Los Angeles. SMH.

The next day we decided to explore. We got up early, and wanted to get some Congee, a rice porridge, which we heard was amazing. It was this small, hole-in-

Seafood Congee in Hong Kong
Seafood Congee

the-wall restaurant that was barely visible outside from the street. I should have gotten a smaller bowl, it was extremely filling, and I felt bad not being able to finish all of it.

Afterwards, we went walking around to try to find Victoria's Peak. Apparently there was a tram to take you up there. We, naturally, got lost. Sort of. We

ended up in the middle of the city through their markets just walking along and looking at what they were selling.

We ran into another couple who was also trying to find their way, and they just followed us until we eventually found our way to the tram. We stood in the longest line, I got in trouble on our way to the line trying to take a picture of this wall - I didn't realize it was an embassy. Whoops. No pictures allowed. My bad, I had no idea.

The tram then took you up to the peak, where you then climb up a billion escalators to get to the view deck - which is additional money. FYI, you MUST keep your ticket. If you lose your ticket, you can't get back down the tram. Heed this warning... A lady lost her ticket, like it flew out of her hands because it was so windy up at the view deck, and Geoff, the nice guy he is, jumped over the barricade and grabbed her ticket that got stuck under some bars. Awwwww.. Geoff, you hero!

View atop Victoria's Peak
View from Victoria's Peak

When we were done doing the total tourist thing, we headed back down the tram, and wanted to get some Dim Sum. However, not just any Dim Sum... we went to Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest Michelin 1-star Rated Restaurant. Let me tell you, this was the best Pork Bun I've ever had. EVER. PERIOD. So much so that I was saving the last bite of it for last, and Ricky thought I wasn't going to eat it, that he took it, without me knowing, ate it, and then when I looked down and realized it was gone, I cried. I straight CRIED. I was super upset. I'm still craving that pork bun. I hear it's in New York now, so I may need to take a side trip and see if it's just as good.

After our eating adventure we headed out to explore the rest of Hong Kong. We

saw this really cool temple that had all these incense burning and "wishes" for people. Thought that was interesting. It was in the middle of the city, and there just happened to be this teeny Buddhist Temple sitting there, which you probably wouldn't have noticed without really looking. It was probably one of my favorite sights while we were there.

Incense Burning inside Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong
Incense Burning inside Man Mo Temple

We then headed back to our side of the island, and saw this urban jungle temple.

Sounds odd, but it was just that. This beautiful temple, surrounded by the urban jungle of Hong Kong. I found a 4 leaf clover, asked my husband to take a photo of it. This was the result. Note to self: don't let him use the DSLR to take photos - he doesn't know how to use it.

Courtyard of Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong
Courtyard of Chi Lin Nunnery

Pathway in Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong
Pathway in Chi Lin Nunnery

Detailed Carvings in Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong
Detailed Carvings in Chi Lin Nunnery

Golden Temple in Nan Lian Garden within Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong
Golden Temple in Nan Lian Garden within Chi Lin Nunnery

That night we went back over to Tsim Sha Tsui and had dinner with Ricky's Aunt and Uncle and then met up with Ricky's mom later that evening to walk around. We saw the harbor and all the lights, and then I got lost - again. Well, not really lost, but ummm, left behind because I was sidetracked. I really need a leash on me at all times.

Night Skylight Views in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong
Night Skylight Views

OK, long post - I know. But that was Day / Night 1 of Hong Kong. Stay tuned for Day / Night 2 of Hong Kong: Sai Kung

PS: The Mcdonald's here has a Taro pie. Sadly, it was not as tasty as I thought it

McDonald's Region Specific Pies: Sweet Taro Pie in Hong Kong

would be. FAIL. Their Strawberry Pie is WAY legit, though.

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