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House Fix Episode 2: Bathroom

Ok, so my last post was about the tour... and I did take down the blinds attachments in all the windows. Without a ladder. Or a chair. Or a stool. The one time I was thankful for tiny little feet.

Anyhow, the next thing up was bathrooms. All the bathrooms were missing the toilet paper holders, towel racks and hand towel racks. Why??? Oh, the painters came to repaint the walls and doors and then didn't put them back on. Oh well, they were hideous anyways. I installed some nice satin nickel finish ones in a more modern style to better compliment the house. Also, I only found maybe 2 of the racks out of the 9 that I needed.

Check out Episode 2 so I don't need to type any more in the video below. :)

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