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Marie Kondo-ish...

So we've all heard about the "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up". If you haven't you basically combine all items at once, so say clothing. You would take ALL THE CLOTHING IN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE, throw it all in 1 area, and then make piles: Keep, Throw Away, Donate. You must hold each item and see if it "Sparks Joy" in your life. If it doesn't, throw it away or donate. As much as I want to downsize, I can't "spark joy" knowing items are going into the landfill. I want to switch over to a more green lifestyle, but it wasn't sparking joy knowing I was just tossing things or donating things even though they were completely still usable. That is the opposite of being green. So, I told myself instead of "tossing things" out, I'd use it up until it was no longer usable, or I would finish it all up, before I could throw it away or recycle and THEN purchase something that would "Spark Joy". That made me feel a lot better. So I don't know if this is really Marie Kondo... So I'm going to start calling this Christy Joy'd. I'm humble. I swear.

Now, let me tell you, I found so many cleaning products, makeup, first aid, etc while doing this downsizing.

  1. First aid items: hahaha, went through those fast. I didn't realize how exactly clumsy I am after doing this. I went through a bunch of band aids because I fall. A Lot. Almost through with those and then I can switch to a more eco friendly solution. Washi Tape and cotton balls, or clean and sanitized rags.

  2. Make-Up: I have a ton. And I'm not going to toss out any because it doesn't make me happy. I'll use it up. Though, I should probably toss the ones that look a bit questionable. There needs to be more companies like MAC where you can return used makeup containers so as to not contribute to the landfills.

  3. Cleaning Products: This one is easy. I have pets These get used up often, and when I replace, I replace with green products or DIY them. I do use the spray nozzle and use my old Health Ade Kombucha bottle filled with my DIY concoction instead.

  4. Pantry: My goodness there were so many in my pantry. I did throw away a few that was expired, and did toss the nuts that smelled a bit off and made a "Squirrel Food" container bin. I refill that bowl outside every few days. The Squirrels, Possums, and Raccoons are enjoying this. Beats having them going through my trash. Whatever. I also had an aunt drop off some apricots that I forgot about and they got a bit too ripe. I put that in the bowl, and the squirrels DEVOURED those. And don't judge me, but I also give them my butt ends of bread. The sole purpose of the butt ends for me is to keep the inside bread slices nice and fluffy.

  5. Clothing: I go through my clothing fairly frequently to make sure that it doesn't get so full. I have my main pieces, my nice pieces, my pieces I cannot and refuse to give away because I love it so much.... But then there are some items that I want to get rid of, but I work on set a lot. And they work perfectly for those days. I had to start a On Set / Stage closet for those items. The rest I crammed into a shipping bag and offered on Ebay as a mystery bag of goodies for $3. Ehh, it works. I should be doing another mystery bag soon.

  6. Bathroom: Do you know how much bathroom items I have? I couldn't believe how many random bottles of lotion I had. Ok, not a lot, maybe 6? That's 5 more than what I should have. And I'm not counting the little travel ones I have that I refill. I'm slowly, but surely, going through and using them up so I can actually only use Lotion Bars. I made some when I ran out of 1 bottle, and then when I went through the linen closet and bottom cabinets, I found 5 bottles. (Facepalm emoji - right here). Same with Shampoo and Conditioner, Face Masks, Razor Blades (this I actually just finished and switched over to use a Safety Razor + stainless steel blades), Hair Products that I don't use - I use them now to finish them up, and cotton balls. Seriously, I don't understand past Christy.

This is a never ending process. NEVER ENDING. This post will need to be continued in another post. Because I just cannot deal with the massive amount of hoarding I have done and I'm disgusted with myself.

That is all. Good day. Or night. I don't know anymore.

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