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Meliora - Latin for "Better".

I was introduced to Meliora from Mighty Nest, and couldn't be more excited to have found:

1) Non Toxic Cleanser.

2) A Low Plastic Solution to a cleanser.

I guess I could have just made my own Multi Purpose Cleanser, but honestly, most cleanser DIY's has vinegar in it, and vinegar can either smell like dumpling sauce, or dirty foot. No matter how much essential oils you drop in it, it still smells like 1 of the two. Also, vinegar isn't a great option to use for some porous surfaces and can cause damages to it. And when there is no Vinegar, they use Borax, and I'm unsure about spraying my counter-top that I use for food with Borax. Maybe I'll try it one day, if I need to buy Borax I'll make an outdoor cleanser? I don't know. Today is June 2019, so if you see a more recent post with it, or a link here, then I guess I ended up making one!

Anyhow, I bought this cleanser to try out and LOVE IT. There's no scent, it comes in a glass bottle, and the refill canister is completely recyclable. It's a cardboard and steel canister, so can be tossed in your recycling bin easily. Let me just say, I am in NO WAY affiliated with Meliora or Mighty Nest, I just absolutely love their products and the concept of Mighty Nest I had to write a little review and video about it because I want more people to use their products, help the environment, and hey, save a little money, too! The less plastic and waste we have, the better!


$19.98 (shipping not included): for 1 bottle + canister of 18 refills = $1.05/16oz bottle

Regular Cleanser (409 Multi-Surface Cleaner):

$14.11 (shipping not included): for two 32oz bottles = $3.53/16oz bottle

Right away you can see the cost savings you'd have by making that switch. Unless you're one of those people that don't like saving money... WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?

If you'd like your own Meliora bottle, you can click here to start saving and cleaning!

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