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My First Post ??

So I guess this is my first post. Hello interwebs, helloooooooo. I guess I don't really know what I'm supposed to do or say on here. My girlfriend, Neille, she pressured me into starting a blog because I always come up with random thoughts and my thought process is a bit abnormal? I don't think it's abnormal, I think my thought process is quite normal - I think everyone else is a bit crazy. But then again I work from home and am in constant contact with my cats and dog - who will listen to every word I say and think I'm completely normal and am the greatest human on this planet - quite possibly because I feed them and give them shelter - but it's a wonderful feeling to know that I'm the greatest human to them (within a 50 yard radius).

So, let's get this started. It's August 16th, 2016, I'm in Eagle Rock and trying not to die of the heatwave we Southern Californians are suffering. Every single one of my pets are passed out on the floor - lucky bastards, while I type away. I'm suppose to be working, however, all work and no play makes me really fidgety. Seriously. Contemplating if I should go out and cash my Lucky Scratchers ticket - I won five big ones. Yep. $5. I could literally be rolling on the ground with 5 one dollar bills, but no, I'm typing on here.


Pura d'or Shampoo

Brass Rod

dowel joint

dowel pins

plastic tarp

Creative inspirations PURPLE

Creative inspirations WHITE

bronze 1oz

teal 1oz

pouring medium

Gorilla Glue

countertop resin 64.99

heat torch

heat gun

Dowel Joint joiner

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