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Yeah, that was a long break . . .

So let's see what's happened since then: -

2016 August, we finally sold our house in Eagle Rock. At the time I wrote that first blog I was living in an empty home we were trying to sell. It got broken into not once, not twice, but 3 freaking times. Yes. 3. Broken into 3 times because it was an empty home, which transients, thieves, and squatters love because hey, free shelter, and appliances - insert disgruntled emoji face here. Hence the reason we moved into an empty home to help prevent any further break-ins. I didn't sleep much, and had wicked anxiety during those months.

Anyhow, house finally sold, and we moved back into our primary house near Culver City. YAY!

Since then, I've done: more work - I work in the apparel industry, I went to Hawaii, went to Shanghai / Beijing / Hong Kong, threw a couple first birthdays, wedding coordinated, I started acting, made new friends, took up kickboxing and I didn't do anything with this blog. More on all these sub-topics in another post or this would be the longest novel of a blog. Ever.

I don't even know who reads this. Why are you here? I'm so boring, and weird. I'm going to go now to eat cookies. Samoas. MMmmmmmmmm.

I love girl scout cookies.

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