Zero Dollar Project Pet Bed Build

I can't believe I never wrote a journal post about this Zero Dollar Project I did. Especially since it's a build I'm extremely proud of... since it was one of the first (of hopefully many) Zero Dollar Projects.

For Context: Back when the the shutdown hit and caused a butterfly effect of supply and demand for goods...the cost of wood skyrocketed. Mainly construction lumber - because everyone who was confined at home decided to fix up their house. Myself included. I don't know about you, but it took FOREVER to find decently priced wood. I scoured my local big box store for items but the prices were so exorbitantly high that I refused to succumb myself to purchase. I could have just buckled down and bought it, but my pride was far too high to fathom the idea of spending that much for something that would [most likely] get pissed on. Literally.

Skip to Present-ish (at least to the time of creating the project and not now because I'm a terrible Journalist / Blogger): I then turned to Facebook Marketplace. I honestly was going to just build this out of plywood, little did I know that Plywood's price would triple in cost across the board. So I scrapped that idea. Oh hey, "Scrap". So then I started searching for Scrap Wood that people were offering (for hopefully cheap or free). In came someone I came across who was off-loading scrap pieces of wood. I hit him up, and he said, "Sure, come by."

OK, as a woman - that seems sketchy AF, but I was desperate. Do as I say, don't do as I do.

I headed over to his shop (which happened to be only maybe 3 miles from my house) and Beto, who is a talented woodworker, actually became a great ally in wood saving for my wallet and a wonderful new friend.

He had a huge section of his shop where it was just scrap lumber. I grabbed all the White Oak, Walnut, and Poplar I could get and shove into the trunk of my car + a mini circular saw and a piece of hickory that I turned into a quick little cutting board for a friend... and then he wished me well and took my number down in case he needed to off-load more scraps my way. That, my friends, will be in another blog post as I did a really dope project on that.

I got home, took some of the pieces and quickly turned it into this lovely Mid Century style Dog Bed. I made a video about it to explain. If you're really interested in the entire layout, comment below and I'll work on plans. :)

Anyhow, I not only made the bed out of scrap wood, I also made the bedding material entirely of scrap fabric as well + a tiny pillow that I stuffed with tiny scrap fabrics as well for the filler material. I thought it came out uber cute for my first time making it...with no template or measurements. I made it like how my mom would cook: Measuring with my heart. HAHAHA. Anyhow, enjoy and hope to see you soon.


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