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House Fix Episode 1: TOUR

I was tasked to fix up a house and it is NOT a big overhaul or huge reno.... just some minor tweaks here and there, however, those "minor tweaks" were a WHOLE LOT MORE than I had originally thought as I went by room by room.

I don't mean maybe 10-20 items on the ol' "honey-do" list. I mean this many:

Downstairs bathroom:

  • 2 light bulbs

  • Towel rack installed

  • Toilet paper holder installed

  • Shower head install

Downstairs bedroom

  • Batteries for fire alarm

  • Door handle

  • Ceiling light fixture

  • Screw in phone line

  • Screw in cable line

  • Remove blinds attachment in windows


  • Light bulbs for living area

  • Change out white lights to yellow (switch with kitchen)

Formal Dining room:

  • Change lights in chandelier

  • Change to new chandelier?

  • Add 1 link

  • Reposition

Butler pantry:

  • Door handle for pantry

Family room:

  • Double dimmer switch

  • Light bulbs (yellow)

  • Glass on fan

  • Add pulls


  • Lights: change to yellow (switch)

  • Vinyl cabinet siding (glue down?)

  • Remove blinds attachment in window


  • Change 1 light to white

Linen closet:

  • Ceiling Light fixture

Bedroom 1:

  • Ceiling light fixture

  • 1 phone jack outlet

  • 1 multi purpose outlet

  • Remove blinds attachment

  • New outlets (4)

  • Add 1 light

Upstairs bathroom:

  • Toilet paper rack

  • Lights 6

  • Fix bathroom handle and plug

  • Towel rack

  • Remove blinds attachment in window


  • New faucet fixture

  • Remove blinds attachment in window

  • Caulk the faucet

Bedroom 2:

  • Attach screen

  • Remove blinds attachment in windows (3)

  • Fix ceiling light fixture

  • Clean mirror


  • New faceplate for multipurpose outlet

  • Install closet shelves and rods

  • Face towel rack (2)

  • Faceplate for fireplace switch (big)

  • New ceiling light fixture

  • New lights for bathroom (4)

  • Toilet paper rack

  • Replace lights over bathtub and shower

  • Fix toilet plug and handle

  • Install new shower head

  • Towel rack

  • Stain the closet rod

  • Nailer + putty

Yeah, seems a lot more like a major overhaul now that it's all written down, huh? If you'd like to just see for yourself, and tour the house, check out the video below!

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