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The She(d) Build Part 3: Roof There It Is!

Oh boy, this next build was the most difficult for me to do. If you haven't followed along, or know what's going on... I've decided to make a shed in my backyard. I've gotten the base, the walls, and the next part to do was the roof. You can watch those vids here.

It took me quite a long time to start the roof. Firstly, I didn't have any of the materials and I've already spent a good amount of money getting the shed, that I didn't want to spend TOO much money. Therefore, I went through on FB marketplace to see if there were any leftover materials I could use instead of buying from a big box store.

Unfortunately there weren't any. Haha. I did, however, find a small-business wholesale place that could sell me the materials needed at a discount. Whew.

The Materials Needed Were:

4 bundles of Roofing Shingles

50 ft of drip edge

1" Galvanized Roofing Nails

50 ft of Roofing paper

After finally acquiring all the materials needed, I let it all sit. Yep. Didn't work on the roof at all. Sigh. Let me tell you why.

I read through the instructions and for some reason, freaked myself out and decided to wait...and wait....and wait. I consistently psyched myself out that I was not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or skilled enough to finish this build.

When I finally told myself: "You can do this" - I started building the rafters and gussets and then with that the roof panels. Once I finally built that, it was time for the roofing felt. That part did not seem so difficult, it was just mainly cutting it to size (with a slight 3" excess on both ends) and then layering it so that it all overlapped. The most difficult part was stapling it. I didn't have a tackling stapler, so I used my staple gun. By Hand. All eleventy billion times. The pressure was on, though, to get the roof done as much as I could as the rain was coming and I needed to get all the roofing felt on, at the least, so that it would protect the wood from any water damage.

Once the roofing felt was finally put on, it took me a few more weeks to start the shingles. I went through that internal battle again. I hate myself that I do this to myself. Every single time. Anyhow, I hate being so verbose when I can just show you.

Check out the video below so you can watch my step by step and struggles.

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