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The She(d) Builds... A series

Hello hello and I'm so sorry for the lack of content. I'm absolutely terrible at this Blogger / Vlogger / Youtuber life.

With the Pandemic and shutdown on most establishments... The garage has now been converted into a partial Home Gym / Garage. Since that has been changed, all my tools needed a new home to live in, and so: SHE SHED was the solution to this predicament.

I bought a pre-fabricated shed from Lowes Home Improvement... in August. It's now November and the entire structure of it has been built, just not the inside and the ridge caps. I've documented the build and have made YouTube videos on the build. I've been a pretty busy bee. They're in several parts and parts 1 and 2 are out now on YouTube! (also linked below for your viewing pleasure.

Now, I could have gotten it built within a few hours if I paid the extra money for the installation fee... but then, I wouldn't have been able to get the invaluable learning experience to do it on my own. By Myself. So who cares that its taken me 3 months when it should have taken about 3 hours... I learned how to make something on my own that I'll be able to apply that same learning experience to future builds.

With that: Check them out, and don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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