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Kitten Door Krazy

Let me start by saying that a few weeks ago a friend needed their house sat for and their 2 beautiful cats. However, upon house sitting... a faulty door caused a certain someone to get locked out when taking the trash out. So here comes me.

After calling our friend and telling her the situation, she proceeded on saying to break her window. Yes, break her freaking window. Upon going to the window that she asked to break, her cat was looking out that window.

At me.

With Puss-in-boots eyes.

So what's a gal to do? This: walked all around the house to find any other opening. Nada. Except for one opening, that was locked: KITTY DOOR.

Watch how I pushed my way through that in the below video. I re-enacted it because no one believed that I fit through a pet door that's 8" x 11" wide.

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