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Oh Look: I posted something.

My last post was me talking about how I needed to do more... and then I got into my head when I started working on another project. Now I need to regurgitate and word vomit all the clutter in my mind so that I can do what I need to get done in this house. Please excuse me as I go through everything in my head... It's slightly scattered like scrambled eggs, but if I don't release this from my brain now, I fear I won't get anything else done today. Or ever. So please enjoy my messy headspace.


Oh my he's so cute. For some reason, the foster agency completely lost touch with me. I can't get a hold of them anymore and I'm pretty sure this "foster" kitten is just mine now. It's ok, he's adorable. He wants to cuddle all the time and is totally a lap cat and can I just squeeee over this because he's stinking cute. He's thriving, he plays, and one time he wanted to snuggle so hard while I slept I almost died. Yeah. That.


California has been hit, repeatedly, during our winter season with Atmospheric River after Atmospheric River... and it has destroyed so many homes, lives, livestock, agriculture, etc. My house is on a hill. My house is at the bottom of a hill. My house is partly underground because of being at the bottom of a hill. Can you get where I'm going with this? Every time I "graduated" to a new step with my build, a new issue arose and I'd have to fix and go back 2 steps. It came to the point that my water mitigation that I did with the drain had no effect with the amount of water funneling down from the back of the house and down the side... it compacted the ground water and it could only expel it inside. C'est La Vie. So now that's on hold until I can get it excavated.


I decided to distract myself from the bathroom to do the Indoor BBQ Grill reface. I have this indoor BBQ grill in my house - it sounds really dope, but I've always hated how it looked. So now I'm updating that instead to avoid my bathroom. I told myself that after I finish the BBQ grill I'll go back to the bathroom. I think I'll be better mentally.


Already I've noticed so much clarity in my brain and heart by writing all of this down. Not many people read this, but for me, to be able to jot this down to relieve my brain has been helpful to organize the chaos going on in my brain.


Jury Duty is now out on FREEVEE, and if you haven't watched it yet, DO! If you're a fan of The Office, Parks & Rec, and The Truman Show, you'll love this show and will fall in love with "The Hero". If you watch episode 1, you'll catch a familiar face :) I was a guest star on the show, but they cut all my lines hahaha.


I went in for a yearly physical with my Gynecologist and they alerted me that now that I'm 40, I need to go in for my now yearly Mammogram. *Yay* Perks of being 40. Not really looking forward to that and it's also scheduled for tomorrow. So Double Yay.


A few days ago, I was talking to my friend Erik about the pressure of social media and my [lack of] eagerness on wanting to make. As we were conversing, he pointed out to me that when I was doing my sewing mend, I had no hesitations on doing and completing it. Why? Because I had no desire to film that mend. I just did it. Rather quickly, mind you, and now it's one less thing on my plate. So I said, I wonder if it would help me, if I didn't film anything for youtube and just started creating. My whole decision to film was to document my journey on learning... but now it just cripples me because fear gets locked in my brain. So now I want to try and do, maybe do progress shots for later, or show live updates on my instagram reel, but not have to be cuffed to my camera to make a video to make a video. And just do this for me so I can fall back in love with creating... I don't know. Maybe it is all in my head, but I can at least try this for me.

Anyhow, that's all that's been going on in my life so far. Sorry for the tardiness of my updates here. I'll try and do better. Hoping this social media experiment will work. Wish me luck, and I hope your heart is doing well.



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