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Spoon Butter

I was doing some dishes and realized that my wooden spoons and cutting board were really dry. I went to google to what I could use and found that I pretty much had the ingredients to create my own at home from when I made my own Homemade Body Butter. It was really easy to make and now my spoons and cutting board are nice and shiny!


1 part Beeswax

3.5 parts Coconut Oil

A Container to put it all in!

optional: 10 drops of Essential Oils (I did Sweet Orange Oil)


  1. Measure out your items. I used my little food scale.

  2. Melt it in a double boiler. Or, if you're like me and don't own one... You can use a sauce pot with some water and a Pyrex measuring glass to melt it all together.

  3. Melt it all, and then if you want to add your essential oils - do so now.

  4. Pour the melted oil/wax into your container. I had an old body scrub container that was empty so I decided to clean that out and put the melted oil/wax in there.

  5. Let cool to harden. (I put it in my fridge)

Now that it's completely hardened, just wipe a little on a cloth and wipe/rub on your board or spoon and you should be good to go! Look at that shiny, slick, piece of wood. So sexy. And smells delicious!

**Please note that the links above are amazon affiliated links where if you purchase from these links I earn a small commission to help feed my 5 pets. Thank you from Bowie, Talia, Isey, Mustachio and Stripey - and they eat A LOT**

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