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HOUSE FIX: DIY Closet Build

2020, to say the least, was the most craziest year I've ever experienced. Quarantines, Pandemics, Shut Downs - O My.

Despite the craziness this year, I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities.

  1. I'm grateful that, despite all of the above, that I decided to work for myself and get clients so that I could work from home years ago. So the sudden change of mass people working from home instead of in the office wasn't a huge change for me.

  2. That I got to spend more time building. I learned a whole lot on my own.

Anyhow, in the beginning of the year I took on doing minor fixes to a house (click here for the link) and I knew that sooner or later I had to work on the closet which was the biggest portion of it. It was the first real "build" I did and pushed me to know I could do more. It may not be perfect, or look BREATHTAKING to some (definitely not staged for photos) but it was my little "Closet of Solitude". Haha.

I was pretty proud of myself for matching the left side of the closet. With limited tools, limited knowledge, limited patience.... and limited time in the days. However, despite the limitations, I was able to finish it, and finally, on the last day of the year, I've finally uploaded the video of the first project of the year. Full Circle.

Watch and Enjoy.

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