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House Fix Episode 4: Changing a Chandelier

First off, it's Father's Day, so Happy Father's Day to all those Father Figures you have in your life, had in your life, future fathers, Fur fathers, etc.

This journal entry is about my dad. A few months ago he spent a week with me and helped me out a bit on fixing up stuff on that house. So today I will focus on when we changed out the Light Fixture in the Dining Room. First off, my dad is 81 years old young. When I was taking him to my place, my brother told me: Christy, don't overwhelm him he gets dizzy--so NO climbing ladders or doing anything that will excite him too much and get him dizzy and fall. I said, OK OK, I won't....

.... So then him and I are at the house, working on it, and I decide to change out the Chandelier to something a bit more modern than from what it was. And what does my dad want to do? Climb up the ladder and change it himself instead of letting me do it on my own. And of course, I let him. I know, I know, my brother told me not to. However, after observing my dad, it wasn't that he'd get dizzy being up high; he was getting dizzy from him kneeling down and getting up too quickly. He's completely fine and dandy just standing. So I let him. And you know what? He had a great time changing it and helping out fixing that house with me. I didn't want to treat him like he was incapable of doing anything, I relied on him and him on me and we had a lot of fun hanging out building. My dad lived his life building and DIY'ing practically his entirety of his life--who am I to stop him from living his life and being happy?

Anyhow, video of it is here for you to check out:

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