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Life in Quarantine

It's June. We, Los Angeles and California, went into Quarantine and Mandatory shutdown since March 14th. I know a lot of people write how bored they are or angry or scared, or whatever while in shutdown. It can be all of those and more when you're shut off from people. We're human and usually crave that interaction.

As for me, I've been ok. I've been completely fine locked down away from people. I've spent the first couple of weeks organizing my home. Room by room. Cleaning and purging.

I was reading this book: The Year of Less and it got me into wanting to get rid of a lot of things. Though not quite like Marie-Kondo, I have another post regarding that..... Anyhow, I was logging it for awhile on my Facebook. You can check out my findings below. You find a lot of random junk when time is of no importance.

Then after purging... I gave up, because I can't even donate my purges because all of the charitable places I usually donate to ( is my favorite) shut down as well and are no longer doing pickups or accepting drop offs. So now I have a corner of my place where things are just collecting (items to be donated and dust). I really should maybe put stuff up on ebay / letgo instead. Maybe I'll do that. If you're wondering what's on my list to sell on eBay, check out this link here, if you're curious. It's mainly random books and video games.

I've also created a step stool for my dog, which he hates. So now I'm going to turn it into a plant stand. He's a jerk. Nah, he's actually just too scared to climb it, even though I can climb it and jump on it and it hasn't fallen yet. I'll do a post on that later. Unless I've updated this post and i'll click a link here somewhere. I also made him a new dog bed, that he doesn't use. So I've given up entirely on making him anything else because the dude does not like it.

What else? I finally fixed the front patio tiles, I edited some videos on my youtube, read a couple books, watched endless amounts of random tv shows and movies, snaked all the drains in my place, sewed some masks, cleaned, cooked, baked, cleaned some more, missed my mom on Mother's Day, wrote some blogs, fixed the fence, self-care / beauty care, all while simultaneously still doing my normal job which is freelance e-com managing/marketing/business consulting for websites.

(Shameless plug for me in there if you need someone - LOL).

What have you all been doing to keep yourself busy during this time?

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